A Common Crown

About Us

A Common Crown is a hard rock/alternative metal band out of Ford city, PA about an hour north of Pittsburgh. We got started when a few of our original members had a band that disbanded. Jenn tried out for the old band, but they decided to go out under a new name. Matt and Steve were the first to join. Then Kyle and Jay later down the line to finalize our current lineup. Now when it comes to our music expect upbeat, high energy rock with catchy hooks and punchy verses. People ask what inspired us to write The Reckoning. It’s the same as many great bands that have toured the world over, Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll! Our influences come from so many directions. Starting from old school jazz all the way to bands like Pantera. So there’s a lot of hair metal, groove metal, as well as some pop music, jazz and blues that we call upon for inspiration. Our music covers politics, partying and drugs. Now that you know what we’re about… Crack the Crown and crank it up!

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