Build The Scene

About Us

Build The Scene gives local music a radio presence and allowing one place for finding information on the media sites in the Pittsburgh Music Scene. It will support the music scene by boosting the visibility and audience for everyone, regardless of genre. By providing better access to the media sites, we provide support to the artists they feature and we believe this is the positive and united approach our music scene needs. From an unsigned radio station, podcasts, scene news, concert calendar to a band list, venue list, music reviews, and more; We are well on our way to being the Pittsburgh Music’s Destination that has been our goal. Build Scene is here to promote and grow ALL the genres located within our reach.      It is the dream come true of a few “Pittsburgh” Area fans and their new member sites. It is created and operated by: Bill Domiano – AK Music Scene, Pennsylvania Rock Show, Podcast Your Scene, Jana Lee Macheca “Lady Jaye” – First Angel MediaChimera Magazine,  Dakota Horbaczek –Devil Inside Records, John “The American Hilljack” Lane – A Pro Radio, & Sherry Long-Wolford – Support Local Music: Westmoreland PA. Together, we strive for positive change in the scene we love. We are growing quickly & being joined by other scene resources which you can find on our Member Sites page.  For more information, or to find how to add your music or site, please contact us.