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HAZEN has done nothing but impress audiences since their creation in 2017. It doesn’t matter which aspect of the band you analyze each member is highly skilled with their instrument. There’s Dwight attacking the drums much like a young Neal Peart, James comes drilling into your soul with his wicked bass, afterwards lightning strikes every time Dillon strums his guitar, and finally the only person we can think of who can match Kayla’s voice is Lzzy Hale herself. HAZEN has had 2 EPs so far Undone and This House. Each one brought together fans from around the world. It just a short time their music and videos have been streamed over 920,000 times from fans worldwide. In March 2019 they covered Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. It is soul-stirring how beautiful their cover is. The band masterfully played the song while Kayla’s uplifting vocals blended with their brilliance. It is only a matter of time before HAZEN joins bands like In This Moment, Halestorm or Asking Alexandria on national tours.


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