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Hopeful Sixteen is a Rock/Alt Metal band hailing from Quebec City, Quebec. Formed originally in 2013, the lineup didn’t fully come together until 2015 with the release of their debut EP “Would You Handle This?” This EP opened up opportunities that were not readily available before and allowed them to make contacts with promoters and indie radio stations, along with helping the band get both on the road and on the air waves for the first time.

The release of their 2017 follow up EP “Still Alive” gained a lot more traction and saw them playing over 20 tour dates across Quebec and opening for bands such as The Veer Union, Secrets, and Picturesque. Entering the circle of notable bands in their genre, they made contact with Kristen Marie Sturgis who works as the social media manager for Asking Alexandria. In an attempt the gain more traction across social media, they organized a fan poll to decide which popular song they should cover, and released a cover of Calvin Harris’ “How Deep is Your Love” with Kristen Marie Sturgis to handle promotion across all social media. The track garnered over 140,000 views on Facebook and was a key factor in them selling out thier hometown shows in early 2019.

As huge fan of classic films and horror, Hopeful Sixteen incorporate that noir feeling in their new EP called ” Delusion” (produced by Kevin Jardine of Slaves on Dope), that will be release in 2020. The band will spend the upcoming year on promoting both the record and their live show to new audiences. Their latest singles and music videos “Reveler” & “Collision” are now available on all streaming Platforms.


  1. 01 Collision
  2. 01 Reveler
  3. 01 Mother's Daughter

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