Kore Rozzik

About Us

Kore Rozzik, a rock band with a classic sound but with a modern twist. The band is made up of frontman, Kore Rozzik, guitarist Andrei Patorski, drummer Louie Drums and guitarist Alex Gil. The band has been around for many years but the current line-up has been around since 2017. The group dropped their debut record Vengeance Overdrive (Cleopatra Records) dropped in July of 2018. Vengeance is a concept record with a narrative following a character that Kore Rozzik personifies with his alter ego the “Bastard Child of New York City”. A story of an outcast who returns to claim their throne, but dredged in a fantastical horror setting, the resurgence of theatrical metal has begun.

The record is a really solid straight forward hard rock record. It has a diverse sound and a little bit of everything. “Vengeance Overdrive” and “Bitter Rat” just punch you in the face,”Mistress” has that perfect blend of hard hitting and slow at the right times, and my personal favorite “Dirty Little Secret” is a great hair metal jam (more of this on the next record please). In support of the record the band toured with OTEP in summer of 2018 and pushed further gaining a cult fanbase (the KoreLocos) on tour with Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) in spring of 2019. They group gained rave reviews from their theatrical show and demanding stage presence. I saw them the first time opening on the OTEP tour and this band has a stage show you can’t help but be captivated by. They take over the room with their stage energy. The band is currently hard at work on their second record and due to the current state of the world has been kept off the road for most of this year.

If you’re a fan of hard hitting rock and roll with a modern twist, be sure to check this group out. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Article by Emmy Susani