Modern Mimes

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Dancing with Ghosts– Artist Spotlight Pick!
Modern Mimes.
This is an up and coming band you need to know.
We caught up with this synth rock duo and were able to do a lil Q&A.
Check it out!(all links at bottom)

-Can you give me a brief history of Modern Mimes so far?

“We played our very first show in our home town of Fort Lauderdale in 2017. Our second show believe it or not was the Riptide Music Festival with Awolnation and Silversun Pickups. Since then we’ve done 3 national tours, signed with Curtain Call Records and have had two singles from our album ” The Gray ” on the active rock radio charts. Our current single *STARE* is number 3 on Billboards most added chart. “

-Do you have a “Favorite” song in your catalog, and if so, why?

“We both have different songs that we favor for our live shows. Adi enjoys Love Hate because that song basically sums up what we’re all about as artists. Ernesto prefers Mind Lies because of the positive message and high energy.”

-Where do you find inspiration for your music, either lyrically or composition?
Does it tend to be around a similar theme or a variety of things?

“It’s definitely a variety of things. We never know when inspiration will strike. It could be a song we hear, a film me watch, a dream, an art piece or even something as simple as a conversation with someone.”

-What is the one thing you hope people will take away from listening to your music?

“We hope to inspire people to be their best possible self and/or not to take this life for granted.”