Reality Suite - Live at Alpha Wave Studios

About The Album

The last time I got excited over a live album it was Halestorm years back and if any band reminds me of them it is Reality Suite. Live at Alpha Wave Studios starts off with Wingman and Bury Me Alive. They are without a doubt 2 exceptionally fine tracks that will get you warmed up for the thrill ride they have planned. Cut, Burn, Bruise is a very personal track for Brian King the drummer and it gets me right in the heart as well. The song is about losing loved ones to cancer. The next 3 songs continue the sweet sound of this band and by the time their cover of Halestorm’s Familiar Taste of Poison they have their hooks in you. The second to last track is my personal favorite, Kiss the Ring. The lyrics and melody are like a great boxer. Just ducking and weaving while landing combo after combo until you submit to how great this song is. I have personally had this song on repeat on more than one occasion. To rap it all up is Die Dreaming. This song is them in a single track. They are dreamers and Reality Suite is the dream. Creating music is all they want to do and they will do everything possible to make it happen or they will die dreaming. If you love infectious hard rock, then pick up Live at Alpha Wave Studios today!

– by Dakota