Something Clever

About Us

Something Clever will destroy all of those who oppose them with their high quality metal. For 6 years they have done just that. Their music has been featured on video games, tv shows and even as a promo for Dragonball Super on Crunchyroll. Their purpose on this earth is to melt faces and create music that will last for generations to come. Even though they have already achieved this Something Clever shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. This year they have released dual Eps, Moments: Blue and Moments: Red. One track in particular stands out of these 2 great Eps and that is Get With It. The lyrics will resonate with anyone with a shred of creativity in their soul. The message is clear start creating, put it out there, let people hear your song and don’t let negativity control who you are. They even got the amazing Renee Phoenix to contribute her vocals on the track and the video. Not only is it time to follow Something Clever but also grab these Eps. So get with it!