The Geekadrome

About Us

The Geekadrome is the place for quality service, great games and the best comics. There is a variety of collectables you can get and a chance to to connect with like minded people. The owner, Paul, is a kind and welcoming person who takes care of every customer who walks through his door. The Geekadrome has events and sales every week such as Magic the Gathering drafts,  tournaments, tabletop nights and discounts on comics. Paul is always involved with helping his community as well. We can’t even begin to count the street cleanups and festivals that he has had a hand in. The Geekadrome is the comic book store that people could only wish to have in their neighborhood. Do yourself a favor head here for some comics, great recommendations or a good old fashioned game night. If you aren’t in Pittsburgh then head to their socials, get a recommendation and put an order in to get something you will love.