The Hellfreaks – God On The Run

About The Album

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of The Hellfreaks. Time and again they blow me away with their music and their latest album is no exception. God On The Run has everything I crave for a great album. It starts off with one of my favorite songs by them, Men In Grey. If you were expecting something gentle to get started, then you are in for one hell of a gut check. As soon as that high-octane track is done you get hit again with Red Sky. The third track Hello Sea! Is fast paced as well but dialed down to 10. Doldrum Dynasty and Witches Heal goes right back to 11. Witches Heal is another standout track of the album. The next 4 tracks continue with the amazing energy of God On The Run. This will have your blood pumping and heart racing. Finally, we come to the final track Tabby. It is such a smooth track with Shakey Sue lending her rasp and swagger making this the track that will have you hit replay on the whole thing. Go Now! Buy It! Listen to it! Loudly! That way your neighborhood can listen too. God On The Run is a must have album that you won’t soon forget.

– by Dakota