The Morgana Phase

About Us

The Morgana Phase is a 5 piece progressive alternative rock group from Providence RI. Through their music, they tell a story that weaves distant images of a foreign universe with high-stakes conflicts, supernatural abilities, romance, deceit and coming of age. The band uses colorful lyrical, melodic and rhythmic themes to tell these tales, drawing musical influence from artists such as Coheed & Cambria, The Dear Hunter, Circa Survive and Protest the Hero, yet they create a soundscape that is distinctly their own. This unique sound paired with a high energy live performance has propelled the band to find success in their local music scene, generating an enthusiastic following who would follow them to the ends of time…pun intended. Their latest album “II: The Eyes of Time” perfectly sums up their overall sound. Each song flows into each other flawlessly, and throughout the album explores a multitude of genres and dynamics. This hour-long adventure never drags or lacks intrigue. This is a band you don’t want to sleep on!



Spotlight by Sierra of Frantic Endeavor