The Nearly Deads

About Us

Fan interaction, quality of their music, live shows, content, merch, and videos all hit the marks that show how much they love what they do. The lead singer TJ is a force of nature. She is like the energizer bunny of live shows. The Nearly Deads are an alternative rock band based in Nashville. Ever since their first self-titled EP, they have been going all over the US, amassing diehard fans at every show. When you check out their videos, which you should if you love great music, you will see that they are nerds too. They have zombie, tv and video game references in almost every video. The most recent EP is Revenge of The Nearly Deads. It was released back in 2017 and it captivates listeners from start to finish. We aren’t done yet though. Since its release, there have been 3 additional singles that will replay in your head all day. They are titled Freakshow, Halfway to Nowhere and Watch Your Back. Get into the Halloween spirit and start blasting The Nearly Deads for the whole neighborhood!