The Wild & Free

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The Wild & Free is a high energy pop rock experience based in St. Louis, MO. These amazing individuals didn’t start as a band though. It was a studio project first. After a little bit they got the drive to make this band their everything. The Wild & Free have become an unstoppable content creating machine. They pour high quality¬† content into the internet for fans to soak up. They have 2 EPs to their name right now The Sugar High and the new powerhouse one, Weight Of The World. WOTW is utterly incredible. It has a video for each song and each song cuts to the core when you give them a listen. If you are lucky enough to see a show of theirs good luck finding a band with a better live performance than them. There are national bands with millions of fans that can’t even match the performance, resonating lyrics, quality and sheer force of dedication that lives within each member of The Wild & Free.


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