Tourist Activities

About Us

Tourist Activities is one of the best indie rock bands that you could experience in the Seattle music scene. Just 1 year ago Bailey and Kell started this band as a 2 piece. A few months later they brought a drummer and bassist on board to take it to the next level. Back in March they released their first EP titled Off My Mind. Which we think its kinda funny because for any indie rock fan you will do nothing but have them on your mind. To create the music of Tourist Activities you have yourself a pair of mad scientists. When Bailey and Kell get together in the laboratory they experiment with everything under the sun. We can imagine the creation of each song is accompanied by the familiar phrase “It’s Alive!!” with some additional cackling of course. Tourist Activities is partnered with Seattle local label that specializes in cassettes, which is awesome, Den Tapes. Take time out of your day today to check out Tourist Activities.