Death Cassette CD release feat. Clipwing and The Thrashers

Photos and review by Carly Boomer

Prior to the unfortunate closures of venues across the world due to COVID-19, I was stoked to attend Death Cassette’s CD Release show at The Park Theatre in Winnipeg. Death Cassette, along with more Winnipeg DIY punk The Thrashers and of course Clipwing, flawlessly annihilated their sets and brought a bittersweet reminder to their audience just how lucky we were to have the freedom of regularly attending shows and physically coming together as a community. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 those freedoms have since been temporarily restricted – but that shouldn’t stop anyone from continuing to support their favourite artists, especially those immersed in local scenes. Be sure to check out Death Cassette, Clipwing and The Thrashers if you haven’t yet, and and course continue supporting those in your local scene wherever you may be. Buying music, merch, donating to venues who have been forced to close or even simply just spreading the word can make a world of a difference to those in the music industry who are suffering right now.

The Thrashers


Death Cassette

Carly Concert Photos

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