Fate's Got A Driver comes to Pittsburgh by Shyan

Fate’s Got A Driver came to Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Dec. 12th and brought out the finest pop punk Pittsburgh had to offer down at the Hard Rock Café. Murderboat started off the night with a bang. Their sound had a nostalgic feel to it giving us all a taste of a young Blink-182. Silent Hearts was brimming with energy that any onlooker could feel in their bones. After their set the band members could be found in the crowd talking to everyone they could, enhancing each concert goers experience. Closing out the night was Fate’s Got A Driver. This bands music entranced every attendee with their lyrics, melody and stage presence. These bands played with everything they had in them giving the crowd something to rave about for a long time to come.


Silent Hearts

Fate’s Got A Driver

Concert Photos Shyan

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