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DI Records is an independent record label based in Pittsburgh, PA. Our aim is to support and promote emerging and established artists across the world; releasing music, organizing tours, providing resources and securing press coverage for the acts signed to the label. We offer online digital distribution for our bands to over 200 online stores, contacts for promoters, venues and reviewers around the world. We get updates on possible sync deals with Hollywood and tirelessly work to get you on Spotify playlists or in music magazines worldwide. We also offer a release package if you release the digital music through us. The package includes: Pre-Release to build sales, worldwide chart registration, a spot on a Spotify playlist that has 5000 followers, a preorder web page, and a list of additional publications to send music to. We will continue our promotional series to continuously find new bands so that our fans and the label bands get a chance to listen to music from around the world.